Methow Valley American Legion Post 0143 News and Events

We are still here and serving the veterans and community. The website hasnt been updated for a long time and we are going to do so.

Our Sargent at Arms Hank Cramer has taken on the responsability of District 9 Second Vice Commander. Hank is exceptionally qualifed and we are happy for him with his new position.

The Twisp American Legion post 0143 is proud to have hosted the National Commander of the American Legion Paul Dillard. The District (Washington State) Commander Rick Sucee, Adjutant Jessie Horton, NEC Dave Hodgeboom, and Alternate NEC Bob Clark. The Commander met with the Mayor of Twisp Soo Ing-Moody, The Chief of Police and Post Member Paul Budrow, and members of the post with information about the Legion, His vision for the next year and programs currently in progress. We were honored to be one of the many posts he was visiting. It was our pleasure.
See photos of the visit in our photo pages
Twisp Scouting program is disbanded and we would like to get it going again.
If you would like to be a scouting leader let us know.
The VA is in the process of scheduling Covid-19 shots. to schedule your shot please call the VA (509) 434-7000 they have a mobile van that is doing the shots in a mobile van in Omak.
Okanagan county has gone into our next phase and we are excited. We will have our first full meeting tomorrow 3/11/21 at 7pm in the legion hall. I have sanitized the hall with a commercial sanitizer, We have hand sanitizer available and we ask that everyone uses their masks. Social distancing will be observed and the soup of the day will be Chili.
occupancy for the hall was confirmed by the city as 96. one fourth of that is 24 so the first 24 people in the door will be attending the meeting. That is well below our norm so we are good.

It was discussed at the executive meeting that we have a need for kind of a roundtable meeting. The long period of seclusion the past year has been stressful and depression, is increasing, alcohol use has increased. We will be talking about what day(s) would be good to have an informal meeting. Just a chat time to bs and talk about whatever.
I will be glad to see you there again.

The Methow Valley American Legion post 0143 congratulates our new President Joseph Biden and our new Vice President Kamala Harris. This has been a long and difficult road for everyone and our very democracy has at times been challenged. I am for one glad that that turmoil is for the most part past.

Even at our little post there has been those who have not been happy with the results. I hope that now we can heal and bring together our brotherhood/sisterhood. No matter our political beliefs we have all at one time sworn our oaths. I, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
We may or may not like who the elected officials are but we respect the offices that they hold. We have put our lives on the line to protect our Democracy, our country and our families. Please take this time during quarantine to put aside our differences and re-commit ourselves to our country, our community and our brothers and sisters who fought to protect our country just as you have.

Take this time to re-dedicate yourselves to the four pillars of the American Legion.Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & YouthThank you for your service to your country.
I am proud to call you all my brothers and sisters in service

Post CommanderKeith Morden
We are having our annual Bake sale featuring outstanding baked goods in a covid safer environment. Masks, sanitizer, limited number of shoppers at a time. All foods have ben prepackaged and are absolutely delicious. times are from 10am to whenever we are sold out.

Thank you for everyone who donated to us in the Give Methow fundraising this year. Because of your generosity and kindness we are able to help 4 families this year have a better Christmas. We plan on other fundraising to help pay for at least one scholarship and other programs to help our local youth. Other plans are in the process please keep an eye on this page

Thanks to the generosity of the people of the Methow Valley the American Legion Post 143 collected hundreds of pounds of food for the food bank plus over $320 in cash to the Cove food bank in Twisp plus an equal amount is being donated directly to the people in the Cold Creek fire. Thank you all for caring and donating
The Post will be having a food drive on September 17th. We will have someone at the post for a no touch drop off location. We will also have a table set up at Hanks for money or food drop offs. This is to benefit the Cove in Twisp and 100% will go directly to the Cove.


Governor Inslee hereby directs that Washington State and United States flags at all state agency facilities be lowered to half-staff on Friday September 11, 2020, for national Patriot Day, the annual memorial to the victims of the 2001 tragedy.

VA Crisis Line
September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and veterans, servicemembers and their loved ones can connect in confidence with VA responders 24 hours a day, seven days a week by contacting the VA’s Crisis Line in the following three ways:1. Call toll-free at (800) 273-8255 and then press 1;2. Text the number 838255; or3. Chat online at

September 16th is National American Legion day!

Stress and anxiety are normal. Talk it out!The pandemic has exacted a heavy toll on our mental health. It’s normal to feel anxiety and it’s healthy to talk it out. Try calling Washington Listens – it’s a non-clinical support line staffed by specialists ready to lend an ear. Call 1 (833) 681-0211.

Chaplain Carolyn Groninger has said that if any member would like to talk, please call her.
(509) 429-1157

At this months meeting Commander Tristan Gilbert after serving as the post Commander for over a decade stepped down. I accepted the position of Commander of Methow Valley 16American Legion post 143. I thank Tristan for his work in keeping the post open.

One of the first things I did was to fill the open positions and establish an executive committee to help me and guide the post towards a more active and vibrant member of the community.
William (Skinny) Robinson is temporarily now in the position of First Vice Commander. Skinny is a former Commander and will also serve as Sargent at Arms for the post. His go for it attitude and always willing to help is ideal for his new position.

William Beldock has been temporarily appointed as Second Vice President and is also serving as Assistant Adjutant for Linda Vix-Hardesty. William brings excitement and a willingness to jump right in with both feet. I am looking forward to working with him and getting the post rolling.

Adjutant is Linda Vix-Hardesty, she has been serving at this capacity and with some help has consented to do it for another year.

Finance Officer is an open position and we really need someone who can do basic math. This is not a complicated position but is a very important one. If you can balance a checkbook please step up.

Chaplain is Carol Groninger. Carol is doing a fantastic job and is a level headed person that I have learned to rely on. She relayed the message if anyone needs to talk she would be available to speak with them confidentially. The next meeting we will vote on keeping the temporary appointments in their position for the next year.

The 16th of the month we had an officers meeting at the post. We had a productive meeting and those attending had some great preliminary ideas for the direction of the post. Minutes will be read at the meeting next month or if you would like, I can email a copy or post it on the website.

One of the first thing we will be doing is having a table at the Farmers Market representing the American Legion Post 143. It is important that we expand and invite all Veterans of the Methow to Join or at least be aware of the things that the American Legion is and does. Please stop by and say hi to Skinny and William.

The Town of Twisp has given us the honor and responsibility of caring for the town’s flags. We will be lowering the flag to half mast when directed by the Commander in Chief. Doing Maintenance, flag replacement and with the town’s Public Works department assisting do things like replacing hardware. We thank the town for their confidence in us to handle this responsibility.

When the Covid-19 is under control and unrestricted meetings get to the new norm the Boy/Girl scouts will begin meeting back at the post like they used to do years ago. We Welcome them back to the fold.

Building Maintenance and renovations were discussed and will be discussed again at our next regular meeting.DNR rented our building for two days July 17th and 18th and our coffers increased by $300. They loved the facilities and I hope that they will return soon.

I am excited for the direction that the post is taking in coming back alive and want to plant a seed in everyone’s mind. We are all members of the post and to make it a vibrant and welcoming place for all of us it is going to take us all putting in man-hours. Your Post, Your community and your brothers in arms need everyone to do their part. I know some of us have limitations but most of us can still read and can still talk on the phone. Become part of the Buddy Call system, We all have veterans that we know but are not part of the Legion brotherhood. Tell them that the Legion is coming alive and invite them to our next meeting or give them my cell phone number (509) 844-6820. We cannot just sit in our chairs and attend meetings. Your brothers and sisters, your comrades need you to be an active part of the post. I need your input so that the post is something that you are proud to belong to and supports our comrades and our community.
Now is a time for reflection and a new dedication for the post and its members. I dedicate myself and I’m sure others will join me to our members and non-member veterans, to our Country, and our community.
We are a service organization. We are here to serve.

About two months ago We lost an honored veteran of WWII. SSGT Richard Grehan passed away. He was a tailgunner in the Pacific during the war to end all wars.
He died alone in conditions less than ideal. The American Legion Post 0143 failed him. It is our sacred duty to find every veteran in the Methow Valley and make sure that they are ok. I challange every member, every veteran to identify other veterans and pass the word to an officer of the post to check in on them and make sure that they are ok.
Please ask “are you a veteran”

Memorial Day, for most of us, will be different this year. The meaning, however, does not change.
I’m calling on The American Legion Family to encourage communities far and wide to pay tribute to our nation’s fallen heroes at dusk May 25, Memorial Day, by lighting candles of honor and placing them on front porches. Such a display will remind everyone that our resolve to honor those who served before us will continue even as social-distancing measures limit our ability to perform traditional Memorial Day remembrances.
We must adapt and overcome the pandemic in order to pay our respects to the true meaning of Memorial Day.
The manner and placement of the candles of honor are up to each individual. If possible, I recommend using a front porch as a visible reminder of the price that was paid for freedom.

Color options for consideration could include: A red candle to remember the blood shed in battle for the protection of our freedoms. A white candle to keep our POWs/MIAs ever in our thoughts and prayers as we await their return home A blue candle to salute the memories of those who made it home but are no longer with us.
However you choose, whether it’s one candle or three, I ask that photos of those candles be shared on social media, tagging The American Legion National Headquarters and using the hashtag #candlesofhonor so our message will reach families everywhere. An additional option is to show your gratitude by having each member of a family or group hold up a sign spelling out a message of Memorial Day. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET would be a good choice.

No matter how we remember this year, the most important message we need to send is that we will never forget. For God and country, James W. “Bill” Oxford National Commander

The post relies on donations to provide support to the community of the Methow Valley, the veterans of the Methow and keep our lights on. Covid has, like everyone affected our finances and we are asking for help if you are able. Hit the Donate button and give what you can so we can give what we can.

The post may not be open for normal operations but that doesnt mean that nothing is happening. Building maintenance and repairs are happening.

With the Governer extending the stay at home order the post will not be having a meeting this month. Obviously the health and welfare of our members is paramount. We will be annoucing when the post will be continuing operations.

Health and welfare calls will b stepping up operations If you know of a Veteran who is not a member but lives in the Methow Valley please contact us at (509) 844-6820

I am very happy to pass on that the town of Twisp Washington has declared itself as an American Legion town. The meeting with the town Counsel was done by video conferencing so I was unable to attend however when the state of emergency we are currently in has passed I have been invited to speak to the counsel at their next meeting. Keith MordenFirst Vice Commander